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ALERT SISMA V16, the earthquake sensor for civil environment

rilevatore ALERT SISMA V16

ALERT SISMA V13, the earthquake sensor for public environments and industries

rilevatore ALERT SISMA V13

Alert Sisma is a seismic alarm sensor that visually and acoustically apprises people of building movements caused by earthquakes; therefore, this sensor helps people to keep in safe in time.
Thanks to a sensitive electronic disposal, the seismic detector ALERT SISMA gives off visual and audible alarms: this happens when the disposal detects seismic waves, even the most feeble, as the primary waves.
This disposal is entirely produced in Italy according to the most modern materials and elements; furthermore, the sensor can be hooked up to external alarms and to the gas penstock.
The installation is appropriate for houses, schools, rest homes, hospitals, public buildings, shopping centres etc.

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Seismic waves

Earthquake is a natural phenomenon that is manifested by a rapid shaking of the Earth's surface. During an earthquake, part of the energy is released in the form of seismic waves...

Technical details

EARTHQUAKE ALARM is manufactured using RISC microprocessor connected to a digital sensor sensitive to minor changes in acceleration in all three spatial axes...

Examples of use

SISMA ALARM earthquake detector can be used both for work environments where security is an important element, for home environments and for public places...

Device utility

The detector of earthquakes can be employed in the private field but also in public buildings such as schools, hospitals and in general in the areas most subject to earthquakes...

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