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Examples of use

According to several estimations, Italy is one of the Mediterranean countries most at risk from earthquakes. Observing a calendar reporting catastrophic events, Italy has been the victim of more than 30.000 earthquakes in 2500 years, all of them with an intensity higher than 4-5 degrees of the Mercalli scale.

The most damaged zone includes the middle and south regions of Italy, all along the mountains Appennini; and all the damages occurred have always been important from an economical point of view, considering the high density of inhabitants and the well-known fragility of the artistic patrimony.

For this reason, the earthquake sensor ALARM SISMA is useful to prevent damages and fundamental to try to keep humans in safe. This sensor can be applied to all types of buildings both anti-seismic and not, e.g. churches, public and religious monuments, historical estates and works of art.

Examples of use can be:

- working environments where, according to regulations, it is compulsory to adopt safety measures

- family environments where the earthquake sensor is particulary useful in the night time.

- public places as schools, hospitals, rest homes and all those place where there is a number of people: this sensor is fundamental to activate, in case of earthquakes, the evacuation procedure.

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