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Activities of earthquakes prevention

One of the most discussed problems is earthquakes prevention, which is not always simple and not always possible. 

This topic has always been issue of several national and international debates, because when an earthquake occurs, there could be catastrophic consequences both at a physical-material level, and at a cultural-emotional level.

It must be taken into account that it is not possible to forecast the occurrence of earthquakes and, hence, the only strategy one can apply is trying to limit the effects and the consequences of the phenomenon in the environment, thanks to prevention policies and reduction of the seismic risk.

The interventions, applied by the Civil Protection, concern in particular

- Territory monitoring;

- Reduction of the vulnerability of buildings and infrastructures through the restoration and requalification of the building patrimony;

- Update of the seismic classification of the seismic areas;

- Update of the regulations;

- Population’s awareness

Seismic waves can be monitored through the earthquakes sensor ALERT SISMA, which function is to recognize seismic waves and to signal to the users in order to allow them to keep in safe.

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